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8" Rig / E-Rig Station V3.0 (Customize)

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What's New V3.0:

- Pop out tray 

- Latching lockable knob


- Rotating handle for easier carrying.

- Secure strap system for rig 

- Stronger support system

The E-Rig Station features:

Everyone's favorite portable E-Rig is now able to be stowed away in a LuxStow station. 

 - Patent pending vertical opening mechanism with customizable box and swivel lid/stand

- Fits a 8" tall device with a base of 3.4" in diameter (DEVICE NOT INCLUDED)

- Removable Inlay and lid 

- Space for a metal dab tool

- Space for extracts container 

- Removeable cotton swap container with separation for new and used

- FREE SHIPPING included 

     - Custom Orders: Ships in 3-6 days after assembly 

     - Already Printed Orders: Ships next day

- 3d printed with environmentally friendly PLA 


*Vaporizer device is NOT included, only the station 

*Not affiliated with any brands 



**For complete customization of your box elements please attach a note:

 Primary Color (Box,Knob)______________

Secondary Color (Lid,Inlay,Handle, Tray)______________


Colors Available:


-Olive Green








-Light Blue

-Neon Green