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Concentrate Station V3.0 - White/Black

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The Concentrate Station features:

A portable solution with everything you need for the proper dabbing experience. No coils, no wires, no ruined dabs!

- Patent pending vertical opening mechanism with box and swivel lid/stand

- Removable inlay

- 5 inch disc percolated water pipe 14mm

- Thermal core quartz banger 14mm

- 14mm bowl for herbs

- Glass carb cap

- 1300cc butane torch (torch is shipped EMPTY)

- Metal dabber

- Space for concentrates container

- Space for new and used cotton swabs

- Secure straps for glass

- Carry handle

- FREE SHIPPING included (Adult Signature may be required)

     - Custom Orders: Ships in 3-6 days after assembly 

     - Ready to Ship & Already Printed Orders: Ships next day

- 3d Printed with PLA 





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