All in One Concentrate Station by LuxStow

All in One Concentrate Station by LuxStow

With an ever expanding market for 3d printed smoking accessories, creativity is flowing through the space with new innovative products releasing daily.

No more do you have to choose between a small set of colors or combinations, each element can be customized as you wish. The concentrate station was LuxStows first initial concept and offering on the site. It all started with a need to transport the dabbing essentials around the house.

Perfect for the coffee table, and ready at the press of a button to extend up for display, the LuxStow stations are incredibly satisfying to open and close. While we offer stations that can accommodate your own seven inch rig, waterpipe, or e-rig, our concentrate station comes with a five inch banger hanger rig, butane torch, thermal core quartz banger, carb cap, and dab tool, everything that is needed to make the ultimate dab station! 

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