How long until it ships out and how long until it’s to my doorstep?

- FREE SHIPPING included (Adult Signature may be required)

     - Custom Orders: Ships in 3-6 days after assembly 

     - Already Printed Orders: Ships next day

While current shipping speeds are heavily affected with world events, items labelled as print on demand or customized editions take 3-6 days from order and ship following testing and assembly, once shipped it can take 2-5 days usually for delivery. Items labelled as "ready to ship" are already printed and ship next day usually with another 2-5 days for delivery. Total time from ordering to your door can range from 3-8+ days depending on order type and location. Tracking information is uploaded once shipped. Please contact for any questions on tracking or concern for your order.


Is shipping discreet?

Shipping return is LuxStow LLC. This product is intended for use by individuals 21 and older. Adult Signature may be required upon delivery. Tracking information is uploaded once shipped.


Can I return it after use?

Due to the nature of the product there will NO returns once glass items are used. If glass is received broken please contact the support email with order number and photos of the piece in the bubble wrap in the box.


Can I get an STL for the lift, lid, inlay, etc?

No, I do not currently release any STLs related to what is listed on this site and certain elements are patent pending. Send an email for any replacement part or custom order questions.

Is there a warranty?

Torch has a 6 month warranty. 

Please email support for further questions pertaining to returns or warranty. Shipping cost may apply.


My boxes shelf only makes it partially up from close?

This products shelf is highly sensitive to weight changes and should only contain what is provided on top, while extras can be supplied underneath the removable tray. This is to ensure the mechanism is able to assist opening the box. The spring mechanism may wear over time and may not fully spring up to its limit hence “assist”. A slight pull up may be required to get it to full extension however the spring should have no issue counterbalancing the payload. Please know this before purchasing.

Can I try to modify this box?

Do not under any circumstance tamper with the patent pending spring mechanism. Springs contain energy and could lead to serious injury if released improperly. 



For all support and inquirys please allow up to 48 hours for a response depending on time of week. Thank you!